Introduction to Reliability Centered Maintenance (Principles & Applications)

Course Duration: 2 days | Time: 8am to 4pm | Course Locations: Lagos, Egypt

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This training course provides a hands-on approach to learning RCM techniques as participants use actual software-based RCM tools to categorize assets, analyze failure modes and effects, determine optimum maintenance intervals, and select/define appropriate PM/PdM maintenance tasks.
1.Introduction History of RCM Why RCM Selecting candidate equipment Team approach RCM philosophies
2.Conducting RCM Analysis RCM terms and definitions Identifying system parameters Answering the 7 questions of RCM Determining failure mitigation strategies Implementing the results of RCM analysis
3.Conducting RCM Analysis Facilitating RCM at your site Who should lead Choosing the appropriate analysis tools (A number of tools including RCM, RBI, FMECA, IPF, RBD, FTA, ETA, and Modelling will be covered briefly) Tracking progress through to completion Avoiding the causes of failed RCM Implementations
4.Conducting RCM Analysis Leveraging the Benefits of RCM Lateral deployments The FMEA library Celebrating results Showing the business case
Maintenance Managers, Operations Managers, Maintenance Supervisors, Senior Maintenance Craftspeople and Lead Persons, Reliability Engineers, Facilities Engineers, Maintenance Planners, TPM Leaders, and company Continuous Improvement specialists.