Introduction to Waterflood & EOR

Course Duration: 2 days | Time: 8am to 4pm | Course Locations: Lagos, Houston, San Diego


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This class is intended for general audiences who want to be exposed to the various waterflood and EOR options without going into in depth technical details. Waterflood and key EOR processes such as gas/WAG, chemical and thermal will be discussed. Key risk and uncertainties often associated with waterflood and EOR projects will be discussed and de-risking strategies will be discussed. Several case studies will be presented. Videos will be played to compliments the lectures. Participants are encouraged to give a 15 minutes presentation of own challenges and blockers to increase production and reserve.
2.Key principals of waterflooding
3.What is EOR and why is it relevant to your business?
4.What are the major EOR options? Gas/WAG Thermal Water Based (Chemical and Low Sal) Other options
5.Onshore development considerations
6.Offshore development considerations
7.How reservoir geology impact waterflooding and EOR designs
8.Well design considerations
9.Case study
10.Key factors to consider in designing EOR
11.Subsurface data/factors to require beyond conventional developments
12.Key risks/uncertainties and de-risking strategy
13.Case study Examples of emerging EOR technology
15.Participants presentation and feedback
Oil and Gas Personnel who are interested in maximizing economic oil recovery from their fields beyond the limit of primary depletions. Participants are encouraged but not required to bring own laptop with Excel software installed to do class exercises.