Managerial Economics

Course Duration: 2 days | Time: 8am to 4pm | Course Locations: Lagos, Houston, Vietnam, Bali

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This course will teach the students to act as Executives and/or Managers of the firm and be able to analyse the economic problems of the industry in which the firm operates. It will include two portions: Micro Economics and Macro Economics. In Micro Economics, the students will learn about: demand and supply analysis, price elasticity of demand, consumers preferences and choices, the concept of costs and production, the market power and competition, the game theory and strategic behaviour, and the concept of return on investment. In Macro Economics, the subjects covered will be: output growth, unemployment, inflation and deflation, measuring national output and income, long term growth, government and fiscal policy, money supply and the banking system, money market and the interest rate, international trade and protectionism, balance of payments and foreign exchange rate, economic growth in developing and transitional economies etc. Real life cases related to micro and macro-economic problems will be discussed in class among the students and the professor/facilitator. Participants are encouraged to give a 15 minutes presentation of own challenges and blockers.
Managers and Executives of All Industries All who aspire to push his/her companies to deliver breakthrough performances and compete to win in the international business environment.