MRO spare parts optimization

Course Duration: 3 days | Time: 8am to 4pm | Course Locations: Lagos, Egypt

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In a Maintenance Repair and Operating (MRO) environment, spares and inventory management refer to those activities in an organization that ensure at any time the optimal and timely availability of spare parts in order to meet maintenance demands. In today’s competitive environment it is important that the management and optimization of spares inventory is always considered in the context of supporting the maintenance function to meet its operational and business goals. Simply reducing inventory is not enough. Ideally, the aim must be to maintain sufficient inventory and no more such that production is never impacted by stock-outs whilst keeping inventory costs to a minimum. In this way inventory management and optimization adds real value to any business.
The key course objectives are to provide participants with a sound knowledge and understanding of: 1.Spare parts and inventory management processes and principles
2.Basic spare part & inventory management terminology
3.Knowledge and understanding of the importance and relations of spare part & inventory management with respect to business goals
4.Ability to identify, structure and classify spare parts on their criticality, (re)-order parameters and other spare parts characteristics
5.Understanding and ability to apply basic analysis techniques to optimize the availability of spares and to cost-effectively handle obsolete spares
6.Knowledge and awareness of key institutes and reference material on spare parts & inventory management.
Engineers, Supervisors and Managers from the following functions: Inventory Control Purchasing Reliability and Maintenance Engineering Logistic Support Quality Production Warehouse Management.