Risk Based Inspection

Course Duration: 3 days | Time: 8am to 4pm | Course Locations: Lagos, Egypt

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API RP 580 introduces the principles and presents minimum general guidelines for developing a RBI program for fixed equipment and piping. API RP 581 provides quantitative RBI methods to establish an inspection program. Together, these two documents comprise a widely-recognized standard for industry-accepted RBI practices. This training course helps attendees understand and use RBI technology, develop a program and learn which RBI procedures and working processes comply with industry standards.
1.Overview of Risk Based Inspection
2.Introduction to API RP 580
3.Introduction to the new API RP 581
4.Risk Determination and Inspection Planning
5.Assessing Damage Mechanism and Probability of Failure
6.Assessing Consequences of Failure
7.Assessing Various Risk Determinations
8.Identifying, Understanding and Managing Risk Driver
9.Risk-Based Inspection Planning
10.Financial Risk and Cost Benefit Analysis
11.Reassessment and Updating
12.Understanding sensitivities of the risk models
Engineers, Supervisors and Managers from the following functions: Asset Integrity Management Maintenance strategy development Reliability and Maintenance Engineering Safety Piping and vessel design