Rotating Machinery Component Reliability

Course Duration: 5 days | Time: 8am to 4pm | Course Locations: Lagos, Egypt

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A seasoned millwright or an apprentice will both benefit from the back-to-basics information presented in this course. From rotor assembly to shaft alignment to the start-up of the machine, students will learn to employ world-class practices in a cost and time effective manner. This course covers most rotating machines in any industry but emphasizes coupled horizontally mounted machines with rolling element bearings and belt-driven machinery. On-site programs can be designed to address specific machinery or maintenance concerns.
1.Overview of proactive and precision maintenance
2.Fundamentals of machinery vibration and condition monitoring with an emphasis on basic troubleshooting techniques
3.Precision shaft alignment utilizing a variety of tools. Inspection, preparation, and process optimization
4.Improving rotor balance through specifications and precision assembly. Techniques to make any machine run more smoothly
5.Maximizing rolling element bearing life – installation, handling, lubrication, and inspection
6.Belt-driven machinery – assembly, alignment, tensioning to obtain maximum belt and bearing life
Maintenance personnel responsible for machinery repairs; however, all plant personnel can benefit from the information presented in this course. Managers and supervisors who oversee maintenance activities will gain an understanding of the support and tools required to become truly proactive.