Course Duration: 5 days| Time: 8am to 4pm | Course Locations: Lagos

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The course is divided broadly into planning and practice. In the former, the philosophies underpinning different workover operations and the considerations that drive the design, flow control device design and component selection are addressed. In the latter, key issues such as well control considerations, well re-entry and clean-out, well recompletion and well kick-off including Nitrogen and acid stimulation are discussed. A couple of real life case studies will be discussed in class to buttress and consolidate learning outcomes

Learning expectations:

  • Understanding the pay zone
  • Basics of casing design elements and consideration
  • Cementing and isolation operations
  • Casing, liners evaluation and repairs
  • Wellheads, trees, valves and chokes
  • SSV design, selection and operation
  • Tubing Selection & sizing
  • Packer Forces and Selection
  • Plugs and profiles
  • Horizontal well design basics
  • Well flow behaviours and lifts
  • HTHP completions, corrosion and erosion
  • Perforating and pipe cut-off
  • Basic sand control methods
  • Filtration and debris management
  • Formation damage and diagnosis
  • Non-frac Stimulation
  • Intervention e.g. slickline, wireline
  • Coiled tubing, snubbing unit.
This training is designed for drilling engineers, completion engineers, workover engineers and reservoir engineers; drilling supervisors, production and contractor personnel, involved in the planning, design and application of workover and recompletion programs.