In-House Courses

Our courses can be tailored to suit your specific needs, deliver maximum impact and meet your specific requirements. We can run these course in-house or in any location of your choice. A range of additional courses are offered which can be specifically tailored to suite your company as well as talents. These courses are available on request. And can be delivered at any location globally.
Topics Discipline Days
Drilling Bundle WE Flex
Volume and Reserves Estimation All 3
Introduction to Reservoir Engineering RE/PE 5
Comprehensive Reservoir Engineering RE/PE 10
Gas and Gas Condensate Development All 5
Introduction to Waterflood RE/PE/PT 5
Applied Integrated Static-Dynamic Modelling Geol/RE/PE 5
Advanced Waterflood RE/PE 5
Reservoir Surveillance RE/PE/PT 5
Reservoir Management RE/PE/PT 5
Unconventional Assessment and Development All 5
Formation Evaluation PP/RE/PE 5
General EOR All 5
Water Alternating Gas EOR RE/PE 5
Chemical EOR RE/PE 5
Heavy Oil Development with EOR RE/PE 5

We offer the most advanced, high-value and practical dynamic simulator-based drilling training on the market today. We prepare drilling crews to drill cheaper by training them to improve safety, awareness and individual and team performance. Greater than 80% of recoverable incidents in the drilling environment are directly related to human behavior: lack of knowledge, misunderstanding or neglect of procedures, poor communication or management, etc. Our focus is to reduce your drilling time by improving the technical and non-technical skills of your teams. We want you to gain experience on your own well before drilling it. Thanks to our simulators we “bring your rig into the classroom”, turning theory into practice. We utilize Oiltec Solutions hiDRILL wellSim simulators, which emulate your rig, control system, and well, so you train on a mirror of your own well.

Now the drilling crew can drill the exact well they are going to drill offshore, verify the procedures and test the third party system. They execute stressful, realistic On-the-Job Training (OJT) without paying rig rental. Our training is based on procedures, teamwork and simulated incidents and reduces accidents by more than 50%, increases team efficiency by 30% and decreases the number of OJT days by 50%. By training with us, you save costs and at the same time, you enhance safety and operational efficiency.

Our training focus is “learning by doing” in a safe environment using our dynamic hiDRILL wellSim innovative simulators combining dynamic downhole and topside models. With full visualization in real time, the simulator reacts to the crew input, as it is offshore. The simulator is aimed at challenging drilling and well operations, and is able to handle advanced and unconventional operations. Our simulator can be set up to meet any demand (client specific procedures, well data, team behavior) and its well design can be tailored. With our programs, they will test their abilities to work together, and their skills on well data interpretation under stress.

Simulator based OJT training aligns with the competency development and operational readiness approach of the IOCs including Chevron, ExxonMobil & Shell. Hands-on training on the simulator is provided by IADC, IWCF & Achilles accredited instructors who are subject matter experts in the various challenging areas of drilling operations.

Training Modules include:

  • Introduction to Drilling (ID)
  • Conventional Drilling (CD)
  • Directional Drilling (DD)
  • Deep Water Wells (DW)
  • High Pressure High Temperature (HPHT)
  • Extended Reach Drilling (ERD)
  • Through Tubing Rotary Drilling (TTRD)
  • Managed Pressure Drilling (MPD)
  • Dual Gradient Drilling (DGD)
  • Mud Cap Pressurized Drilling (MCPD)
  • Coil Tubing Drilling (CTD)
  • P&A exercises
  • Cementing
  • Pipe-Handling
  • Stand-building Manual/Auto
  • Machine Control
  • Tripping
  • Stripping Operations
  • WOB Auto-drilling
  • Drilling Fluids handling and control
  • Traditional Well Control
  • Drilling and tripping operations with dynamic surge and swab
  • Multi fluid operations
  • Fingerprinting in Deep Water and HPHT wells
  • Well Control (Kick and Losses)
  • Crew Resource Management Team Training (CRM)

Training locations can be local to your area of operations using fully equipped mobile drilling simulators, allowing you to train your crews on-site or at partner (Oiltec Solutions) facilities in Stavanger (Norway) or in Houston (USA).

To discuss your requirement for Simulator-enabled technical and non-technical training, please contact us by email at or by telephone at +1.800.654.0364