Creating Awareness with People Data

Started on January 1, 2021

Course Description

Discover the key to high-performance.

What gives productive, high achieving teams a competitive edge? Collaboration. In the constantly changing, technology-driven world we live in, ensuring there’s healthy collaboration within your teams is critical to building a strong culture and delivering results. The key to getting there is to start with self-awareness.

Reserve your spot in this workshop to understand how you best work and communicate, and how to understand those around you — instantly improving team collaboration and engagement. high-performing team

In this workshop, you’ll learn:

  • How to understand and interpret people data.
  • How to apply the principles of talent optimization to manage and develop your employees.
  • How to use people data to improve team dynamics and accelerate performance. 

    What is the format?

    A half-day in-person session that explains the practice of talent optimization, how to understand PI people data, and how to implement it with your teams.

    Led by management consultants from around the globe with an average of 20 years’ experience and who are experts in the talent optimization discipline.

People Managers and Team Leaders

Employees interested in leadership opportunities

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