Inspection Basics

Starting August 12, 2024 5 days

Course Duration: 5 days | Time: 8am to 4pm | Course Locations: VILT, London, Dubai, Houston, Cape Town S.A

Course Description

This training course is designed to teach engineers how to design an inspection program that covers the 4 boundaries of a machine (mechanical, electrical, fluid and process). The techniques taught are simple and effective and could be implemented while the machine is operational to assess machine condition. These techniques work equally well for maintenance engineers as well as operator technicians performing machine
1.Mechanical machine integrity
2.Alignment and soft foot
3.Machine vibration basics
4.Thermographic imaging basics
5.Inspecting electrical issues affecting machines and motor current analysis basics
6.Ultrasonic testing for static equipment integrity
7.Lubrication program design and lubricant inspection
8.Developing a balanced inspection program
9.Developing a condition based lubrication program After completing this course, you will know how to:
1.Perform a comprehensive inspection of the four boundaries of a machine
2.Analyze lubricant quality and contamination levels
3.Develop a balanced inspection program
4.Develop a condition based lubrication program
5.Understand predictive maintenance basics and how to detect problems using different PdM techniques.
Maintenance Engineers , Engineering superintendents, Operations engineers and technicians involved in operator driven reliability programs or operator excellence programs, Maintenance planners, Inspection engineers and managers who design and implement inspection programs.

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