Non Intrusive Inspection (VILT)

Started on October 8, 2021 5 days

Course Duration: 4 days | Time: 9am to 1pm | Course Locations: VILT, Lagos, Warrington UK

Course Description

Non Intrusive Inspection allows comprehensive inspection of pressure vessels to be performed while on-line, eliminating the need for the inspection to be carried out only during shutdowns. The minimizes the shut down durations and allows process plant operators to maximize production. Participants will gain an overview of the NII process as per the HOIS Recommended Practice as well as an understanding of how NII is aligned with RBI systems. Also an overview of NDT inspection techniques applicable to NII will be considered. An understanding of how analysis of inspection data feeds into decision making based on NII and knowledge of are to integrate NII to your existing integrity management practice will be looked at.

1.Background to NII
2.Objectives of vessel inspection and use of IVI as a benchmark
3.Overview of the HOIS NII Guidance (DNV RP-G103)
4.NII assessment
5.Inspection techniques for NII
6.NII planning (workscope definition)
7.Inspection implementation
8.Assessment of non-conformances
9.Evaluation of inspection including statistical analysis
10.Case studies

Engineers, Supervisors and Managers from the following functions: Asset Integrity Management
Maintenance strategy development
Reliability and Maintenance Engineering
Piping and vessel design

Non Intrusive Inspection


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