Practical Drilling Skills (VLIT)

Started on April 9, 2021 10 days

Course Duration: 10 days | Time: 8am to 4pm | Course Locations: Houston, San Diego

Course Description

This course will look at hole cleaning through a systematic approach. It gives an introductory knowledge  on how cuttings are transported, the various forces acting upon the cutting in the well bore, the function and application of Rheology, etc. It also takes a look at Wellbore stability, Tripping practice and ECD management Having these foundation not only enriches the individual team members, but also helps the company drill wells safer, further and faster…while reducing well costs by lowering NPT

Hole Cleaning Fundamentals
1.Systems approach to hole cleaning
2.Hole cleaning theory
3.Hole cleaning mechanisms
4.Solids in the wellbore
5.Hole cleaning regimes
6.Fluid flow downhole
7.Cuttings transport
8.What is a clean hole?
9.Hole cleaning parameters
Review Best Practices Tripping Practice 1.Vertical vs high angle practices Clean up for tripping Tight Hole Sweep Back-reaming Cased Hole
2.Clean up cycles
3.Standard Tripping practices
4.Back-reaming practices
ECD Management 1.ECD Theory What is ECD? Surge and Swab Pipe rotation Effect of hole size and pipe size on ECD ECD and ERD wells
2.ECD Management (Planning)
3.ECD Management (Execution)
Best Practices

This is a perfect training course for young drilling professionals, experienced drilling professionals and entire project drilling teams to ensure that everyone on the team has a fundamental working knowledge some concepts involved in drilling.

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