Production Enhancement (VILT)

Started on March 8, 2021 4 days

Course Duration: 4 days | Time: 9am to 1pm | Course Locations: VILT, Lagos, Houston

Course Description

With today’s low oil price, production enhancement activities from mature fields are some of the lowest cost and low risk way of increasing production. Production enhancement activities often don’t require major CAPEX expenditures in new wells and new facilities. This is a proven formula for survival in prolonged low oil price environment such as today.The key objectives of the workshop are:

1. Focus on participant’s own challenges with increasing production from own fields and receive feedbacks from workshop leaders and other workshop participants.

2. Workshop leaders will share their experiences & successes with production enhancement projects around the world.

3.Meet and share experiences with other participants.

4.Networking with workshop leaders and others. Several case studies will be presented.

Videos will be played to compliments the lectures. Participants are encouraged to give a 15 minutes presentation of own challenges and blockers to increase production.


2.New Oil from Old

3.What are the key elements of a production enhancement program?

  • Artificial lift optimizations
  • Reservoir inflow performance
  • Stimulations options
  • Optimal well design
  • System debottlenecking
  • Integration with long term depletion program

4.Case study from around the world

  • North America
  • Asia
  • North Sea

5.Participants presentation and feedbacks

6.Class exercise

Oil and Gas Personnel interested in maximizing economic oil recovery from their fields beyond the limit of primary depletions. Participants are encouraged but not required to bring own laptop with Excel software installed.

Production Enhancement





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March 8th – March 19th, August 18th – August 31th

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