Strategic Leadership and Management (VILT)

Started on July 9, 2021 8 days

Course Duration: 8 days | Time: 9am to 1pm  | Course Locations: VILT, Lagos, Houston, Vietnam, Bali

Course Description

Leadership is the ability to influence a group of people towards a goal. In this course students will increase their own leadership capacities through feedback, reflection and practice. Even though all of us have had leadership opportunities, we all too rarely receive candid, insightful feedback on our actual performance that then allows us to think, act and speak more effectively in the next situation. The heart of this course is the repeated coaching and real-time feedback the students will receive on their own leadership activities from their peers and the instructor. Students will use readings, role plays, experiential exercises, and self-reflection, as well as focused coaching and feedback, to optimize their own leadership capabilities. Course deliverables include: active participation in your own leadership growth during the semester and a written packet that summarizes your reflections and experiences around leadership during the course. Areas covered by the course: leader versus manager, different styles of leadership, the dynamics of team work, effective leadership communications, solving crisis, initiating changes and transformational leadership Real life cases related to micro and macro-economic problems will be discussed in class among the students and the professor/facilitator. Participants are encouraged to give a 15 minutes presentation of own challenges and blockers.

Managers and Executives of All Industries All who aspire to push his/her companies to deliver breakthrough performances and compete to win in the international business environment.

Strategic Leadership



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