Technical and Operational Excellence for Improved Project Performance (VILT)

Started on January 1, 2021 10 days

Course Duration: 10 days | Time: 9am to 1pm | Course Locations: VILT, Lagos

Course Description

Many improvement initiatives fail due to a fragmented approach to the alignment and execution of practitioner activities. Technical and Operational Excellence (TOE) supports the drive for sustainable profitability and growth within an organisation by adopting a holistic approach to improvement.  This training seminar will equip attendees with the knowledge, skills and behavioural competencies required to support an Operational Excellence programme and contribute significantly to the bottom line of their organisation, reducing variation, defects, cycle times, lead times, waste and costs within the operations. The course will focus on the following core concepts: High Performance Organization 2.0 Culture Entropy Team Engineering for Operational Excellence Process Safety & Human Factors Problem Solving tools & techniques This training will present the best practices from High Reliability Organizations (HROs) with respect to both excellence and safety.  HRO is a term that refers to industries such as oil and gas, process, nuclear and aviation, where they possess a high degree of reliability despite their hazardous environment. It shows how organizations can learn from failures and near misses, as well as from other industries. Operational excellence will cover aspects of safety, risk, reliability, and quality management. This will include best practice at both strategic and operational levels, as well as in specific areas that relate to management skills, reliability and decision analysis, bench marking. Technical excellence will provide an overview of the contrast and tension between risk management and crisis management in a complex and dynamic environment and how to assure business continuity. This course will utilise a variety of proven learning techniques to ensure maximum understanding, comprehension and retention of the information presented. This includes tutor facilitation, direct input, delegate discussions, case studies, reviews, interactive exercises and video.

This course will benefit Operations & Process Professionals, HSE professionals, Drilling, Completion and Production professionals as well as those tasked with process and performance improvement

Technical and Operational Excellence for Improved Project Performance



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